The Ponds at Black Oak are accessible to members of the Black Oak Golf Club and Shannon's Private Waters club only, on a time-restricted basis. All fishing is to be with a fly rod. No lures, bait, or treble hooks are permitted. All fishing is catch and release. Wading or inflatable craft are not permitted.


Ponds #1 – 6 Kindly park along Chancellor Road or if clearly after golfing hours pull into the drive to the pump house off Chancellor Road

Ponds #7, 8, & 9 Kindly park outside the Bartley Road maintenance road gate on the northerly side of hole #16. If possible insure the gates can still open if necessary for staff access. Kindly do not block the maintenance road.

Black Oak is an Audubon Gold Level Location, so be respectful of the plantings as you approach the ponds.