Poachers - what to do

As the ponds and grounds of Black Oak are beautiful, well maintained acres of natural habitat they attract a lot of wildlife.  This unfortunately includes after hours uninvited fishermen.  Most seem to be young males of 13 -19 who seem to think the course is a public resource to be used for everyone's enjoyment.  It is not.  

No more than riding an ATV over the greens, or playing soccer on the 16th fairway, the ponds are a members only benefit.  

The first key to knowing if someone is poaching is they likely have a spinning rod.  All Black Oak fishermen are to be using a fly rod.  Also, they are likely to run off if approached.  Another sign they know they are not supposed to be there in the first place.  

The fish were stocked by members for members.  The State of New Jersey does stocking of the river with public access right across Bartley Road.  Pete Hays and crew have posted all access points for NO FISHING, NO TRESSPASS to meet any legal requirements for access denial. 

If you think someone is poaching or trespassing let staff know and they will be asked to leave. Repeat offenders may be prosecuted.  Their presence is illegal and unwanted.  

Thanks for helping preserve this Black Oak asset.