2017 Fishing Season is OPEN

The bass and warm water fish have all wintered nicely, grown geometrically, and are healthy.  Time for some Spring Pond Fishing !  

A reminder that we operate under NJ Fish and Game regulations so be sure to have a fishing licence on hand when fishing.  These can be had a Shannon's Fly and Tackle in Califon or on line at http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/als/websalesintro.htm .  

Reminder that all fishing is by fly rod and flies.  No lures, bait, bobbers or spinners.  Fly ONLY, catch and release all catches.  

We are planning a few excursions for trout at www.shannonsprivatewaters.com  and two "Popper Nights" later this Spring.  Stay tuned, stay dry, and have fun on the waters.