Popper Nite Continues as a Spashing Event !

Popper Night 2019 was attended by about 22 Black Oak members guided by 6 veteran guides from Shannon’s Fly and Tackle in Califon. The restaurant staff was terrific in hosting a reception after the classroom instruction, casting on the driving range and fishing for several hours on the 16 / 17 pond.

It was great fun and we look forward to more members enjoying this terrific “value add” for a Black Oak experience.

Popper Night 2017

We had a TERRIFIC turnout for Black Oak Popper Night.  One novice (now expert) caught 15 fish.  One caught 11. Everyone caught something.  The professional guides got it done from casting lessons on the tee box to pond side individual instruction.   We go again on August 14th and hope you can join us. 

Poachers - what to do

As the ponds and grounds of Black Oak are beautiful, well maintained acres of natural habitat they attract a lot of wildlife.  This unfortunately includes after hours uninvited fishermen.  Most seem to be young males of 13 -19 who seem to think the course is a public resource to be used for everyone's enjoyment.  It is not.  

No more than riding an ATV over the greens, or playing soccer on the 16th fairway, the ponds are a members only benefit.  

The first key to knowing if someone is poaching is they likely have a spinning rod.  All Black Oak fishermen are to be using a fly rod.  Also, they are likely to run off if approached.  Another sign they know they are not supposed to be there in the first place.  

The fish were stocked by members for members.  The State of New Jersey does stocking of the river with public access right across Bartley Road.  Pete Hays and crew have posted all access points for NO FISHING, NO TRESSPASS to meet any legal requirements for access denial. 

If you think someone is poaching or trespassing let staff know and they will be asked to leave. Repeat offenders may be prosecuted.  Their presence is illegal and unwanted.  

Thanks for helping preserve this Black Oak asset. 



2017 Fishing Season is OPEN

The bass and warm water fish have all wintered nicely, grown geometrically, and are healthy.  Time for some Spring Pond Fishing !  

A reminder that we operate under NJ Fish and Game regulations so be sure to have a fishing licence on hand when fishing.  These can be had a Shannon's Fly and Tackle in Califon or on line at http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/als/websalesintro.htm .  

Reminder that all fishing is by fly rod and flies.  No lures, bait, bobbers or spinners.  Fly ONLY, catch and release all catches.  

We are planning a few excursions for trout at www.shannonsprivatewaters.com  and two "Popper Nights" later this Spring.  Stay tuned, stay dry, and have fun on the waters. 




Resting the fish

Now that we have hit December the ponds fishing is closed until March 1, 2017.  During the summer all the stocked fish bred and there are ALOT of fish in the ponds for next season.  All the ponds are plenty deep enough to winter over the fish and they will be well rested and hungry in the spring.  We are contemplating some new spring events and will surely return with "Popper Night" on the waters and gain access to shannonsprivatewaters for the members in both the spring and fall by arrangement with the Raritan Inn.  Thanks for taking care of the fish (catch and release, monitoring early season poaching) and working with the staff at Black Oak to make this a terrific member benefit. 



Fall Fishing

Fall fishing is a great time to put some hours on the water.  The heat of the summer had some algae growth on the largest pond (16 / 17) which is now all gone.  This makes for some easier casting and retrieval.   We plan to cease fishing the ponds on December 1st so get your hours in during the next few weeks.  There are ALOT of fish in the ponds and it is great fun with a fly rod.

Kids Fishing was a great time !

September 18th Jim Holland of Shannon's Fly and Tackle along with Len Ruggia, senior guide took on the kids of Black Oak in a great afternoon of fly fishing instruction, fly tying and some fun fishing in the pond behind the 4th tee.  Particularly stunning was our findings of just how many fish are in the ponds !  THOUSANDS of bait fish ( we stocked 5,000 to start) Lots of sunfish and plenty of bass.  It seems all are breeding as there were lots of new little ones.  The kids were great and we'll do it again soon.

Master fly tyer Len Ruggia works with some of the Black Oak kids to make some "Red Leech" pattern flies.  The kids fished these later in the afternoon and caught ALOT of fish.

Master fly tyer Len Ruggia works with some of the Black Oak kids to make some "Red Leech" pattern flies.  The kids fished these later in the afternoon and caught ALOT of fish.

Jim Holland patiently teaches the art of fly casting

Jim Holland patiently teaches the art of fly casting

The smile tells it all .... first fish on her own hand tied fly.

The smile tells it all .... first fish on her own hand tied fly.

Kids Fly Fishing Program

The Ponds at Black Oak

4 evenings – August 22 and 23,  August 29 and 30

Private instruction by staff of Shannon’s Fly and Tackle, Califon, NJ

5:00 – 6:30 each evening

$100 per registrant for the full program

Equipment supplied, but bring you own if you have it

·          Pond fishing basics

o    Setting up your rod and lines

§   Parts of a rod

o    Tying on a fly

§   Parts of a fly

§   How to tie flies (day #2)

o    Casting

§   Physics

o    Hooking

§   Motor skills and attention

o    Landing

§   Motor skills, self-control and controlling your environment

·          Reading the waters

o    Casting practice

o    High casts over weeds

o    Roll cast

·          Fish and the food cycle

o    When they eat

o    What they eat

o    How to “match the hatch” – or their food source

·          Respect for the sport

o    Protocols, courtesies

o    Catch and release

o    More fishing practice


Registration is limited so email Bill Asdal (asdals@comcast.net) now for a space:

Participant name:  _______________

Age:                      _______________

Contact phone:     _______________

Contact email:       _______________

Popper Night 2016 was a terrific experience...

We hope you all are getting some summer bass / popper time at the 9 Black Oak Ponds.  Jim Holland and his team of guides arrived Monday evening to show the members some pond basics and casting skills.  From a mixed media overview of fly fishing to landing some stocked lunkers the evening was enjoyed by all.   Fishing was on the largest and deepest pond.  The driving range was a perfect place to start the casting experience. 

This season the collaborative will host another evening of pond fly fishing lessons for the membership at The Ponds at Black Oak on October 17th.  The Black Oak membership is invited to stream fly fishing lessons and private waters access on September 19th and October 10th. Registration interests are directed to Dan@BlackOakGolfClub.com .


Pond fishing is open to members of both clubs during restricted hours and is fly-fishing only on a catch and release basis.