About the Ponds

Consisting of nine pristine ponds bordering the award-winning Black Oak Golf Course, these ponds are expertly maintained and fully stocked. They are available during selected hours for members of the Black Oak Golf Club and Shannon's Private Waters. 

NOTE: This map is currently under construction but will be fully interactive and zoomable. Click on the map and zoom to the ponds of interest. Each has a descriptive and several fishing tips for your enjoyment. 


Pond Information

  • Pond 1: Located to the left of the third green. This pond is approximately 8 feet deep, and ringed with water lilies and native vegetation. High casting is required and direct access is limited. This pond contains lots of big large-mouth bass. Surface flies are a winner on this pond. Try a popper, or an imitation frog. 
  • Pond 2: Located behind the 4th tee, this pond is accessible any time you feel like fishing. This pond has ultra clear water, as it is the last settlement pond before all runoff is reintroduced to the south branch of the Raritan River. This pond has plenty of sunfish and large-mouth bass. A streamer fly may work well in this 8 foot deep pond. 
  • Pond 3: This is the second largest pond, and is to the right of the 4th hole. Access from the south is permitted at any time. This pond is twelve feet deep, and ringed with vegetation. Access is relatively easy for casting. At the lower end of the golf course, it is relatively wind-protected and should allow for some long-casting practice. 
  • Pond 4: This pond is to the left of the 3rd fairway, and 14 feet deep. Has steep banks to the northeast, and will require some roll-casting expertise. This pond is loaded with large-mouth bass and sun fish, for plenty of catch-and-release fun. 
  • Pond 5: This is a settlement pond for storm water on the southern end of the course. It is seven feet deep, and terrific for breeding frogs and plenty of other fish bait. Small surface flies should attract plenty of fast action.
  • Pond 6: This is the first collection pond and its depth will vary from 3 to 7 feet. Light vegetation allows full access and it features plenty of sun fish.
  • Pond 7: This historic spring collection area was excavated nearly four decades ago and is a quiet gem of the Ponds at Black Oak. Lumker bass are satiated on natural food and will reward the patient fisherman. This pond is 6 feet deep. 
  • Pond 8: This pond sits in front of the 13th tee, and between holes 15 and 16. The deepest pond on the course at 25 feet, it is spring-fed and holds several hundred rainbow trout. Bass will be caught on the surface, as will sunfish. The trout will generally be caught below the surface, on sinking flies during retrieval. Limited perimeter access will require strong casting and a high reach. 
  • Pond 9: Sits off of the 14th fairway and is 8 feet deep. This pond has large-mouth bass and plenty of sunnies. Full perimeter access is possible, though no bank access touches the water. Careful retrieval of your day's catch will be required. 

Pond photos

2016 Popper Night was a great evening event - Casting, reading the waters and catching some fish followed by some food and drinks in the bar.   Join us next time.

2016 Popper Night was a great evening event - Casting, reading the waters and catching some fish followed by some food and drinks in the bar.   Join us next time.